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Anti Strip Dementia Care Jumpsuit 4717-602

Anti Strip Dementia Care Jumpsuit 4717-602
Back Zip Unisex
Anti Strip Dementia Care Jumpsuit 4717-602
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  • Model: Suprima 4717 Flower Tendril Care Suit
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Anti Strip Care Jumpsuits have been designed to offer a convenient range of clothing to stop the unnecessary removal of Incontinence products during the day and especially at night. This is achieved by specially positioned zips at the back and legs of the Care suit making it more difficult to remove it without the help of the Carer or Nursing staff. This has been proven to reduce Deep cleans as the Incontinence Pads stay put and cannot be interfered with. The leg zip feature a unique overlocking button that the ankle that can be accessed by care Staff easily in the event the We are requires changing with out the need to fully undress the wearer.   Features: 

  • Rear zip and leg zip
  • Soft and skin-friendly material
  • Safety device to prevent undressing 
  • Prevents access to incontinence products
  • Wearer doesn't need to be completely undressed to access incontinence product
  • Can be worn in the day and night

Suitable for adults:

  • Living with dementia
  • With special needs
  • Who use incontinence products and would like a all in one care garment to conceal incontinence products

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