About Us

The Continence People came about following 33 years as a user myself ,and through sheer frustration at poor quality products designed to last a few months at best I decided that I can do better. So I sat down with an old Janome sewing machine and learnt, made and tested. Looked for quality components to go into my quality products. Hook and Loop that will deliver 5000 cycles, braided elastics that don’t loose their elasticity, 2mm Pul that feels like the softest leather you’ve ever felt yet won’t tear, rip, fall apart, or fail. Brushed cotton that lasts wash after wash. Thread that won’t rot, is UV stable, waterproof, and abrasion resistant. Fleece that will remain soft and comfortable. These necessary components make up that quality. I still wasn’t happy, what about the cost of washing and drying? The answer was in our designs. By maximising the water and air flow in and around all our products especially the 100% cotton inserts we were able to reduce the wash time for lightly soiled covers and inserts to a 40˚ 1 hour quick wash, (Approx £0.15 Pence) and 1 hour drying time on a warm cycle at (Approx £0.25) Standard UK tariff (2021). We found that line drying on a breezy day was actually faster per full load that a Tumble drier. We’re now introducing swim nappies, bed and chair pads for older children and adults and are always looking at how our products can be improved without compromising our embedded qualities. It’s been a year now and things have moved on, we have bitten the bullet as they say and our workshops and Juki Industrial machines make lasting reliable protective underwear and inserts for people of all ages and all mobilities.

Things can be done better, you just have to do it yourself sometimes.