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 Children's Autism Care Suit  Children's Autism Care Suit
Back Zip Unisex Out Of Stock
Brand: Suprima Model: Suprima 4713-059 Children's Care Suit
Children's Anti Strip Care SuitThe Suprima jumpsuit is particularly suitable for children who suffer from incontinence and remove their Pads or Pull Ups. A practical, diagonal zip across the back prevents pressure points on the spine and ensures that the jumpsuit is not easy to remove. This makes it..
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Tena Pants Super Small (1700) ml 12 pack
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Model: Tena Pants Super Small 12 pack
Soft and secure incontinence pull-up pants with great absorptionTENA’s range of disposable incontinence pants are soft and comfortable for both men and women, great for day and night. Designed to be worn like regular, stretchy underwear for an active everyday life. The adult incontinence pull-up pan..
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Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi
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